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It started with LEGO and Erector sets, then turned into batteries, light bulbs, wires, and eventually computers.


After that came a slew of motorcycles, a couple cars, and home improvement. There’s always a project, and more often than not it’s about making it bigger, better, faster, and louder.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m laughing right now because of the shock of seeing my old M3 on Jalopnik. I was the owner that, “somewhere along the line knew what they were doing”.

    I bought the car on a salvage title and drove it for a couple years. I had just come off a lease on a brand new E46 M3 and wanted to try out something less than $900 a month car payment. I added all the performance bits you mentioned in the post, minus the catback which was previous owner installed. Autocrossed it a time or two, but mostly just a fun daily driver. Sold it when I found another E46 for a good price.

    Shoot me a message if you want some more info, such as how the strange cut on the rear fender got there (totally my fault). I also have a set of H&R (?) lowering springs for that car that I’ll make you a deal on.

  2. Mikael,
    Are you going to Cars-n-Coffee Tomorrow? I have my MS2 running, and have questions, like 1 or…..

  3. Stumbled on the E36 diff bolt upgrade. A single 12mm in single shear? Did the Brits design that?
    I hope to see you at Cars ‘n Coffee or some such this summer. I have my MS2 running in the Ford
    302 Triumph TR6. I plan to dyno tune at Racoon River Restorations before summer starts.

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