My Next Project: An Ugly (but really fast) 1969 Mercury Cougar

I’ll admit it – I had resigned myself to the fact that the M3 would be my “muscle car.” I mean, it’s V8-powered, it’s analog, it’s a bit rough, and it’s a riot, so that’s close enough to “muscle car,” right? Well, what happens when someone offers you a 1969 Mercury Cougar for free? And what if it’s priced at “free” for many very good reasons? Well, if you’re an idiot like me, you say yes.

Of course, I’m one to look a gift Cougar in the mouth, so I at least made sure it would run first:

So it ran, but it was still rusty, beat-up, locked-up, torn-down, and 12 miles from my house. More on that next time. And as far as the “really fast” part goes, consider the following: Canfield, Wiseco, Comp, Scat, and Hayabusa.

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