5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Racing

    1. Yes! The poor engine is totally out of steam by 4500rpm. You’ll see in my video last weekend’s course both pushed the car up to around 60mph. I’m considering what to do about this – once I start tearing the engine apart there are no half measures and I’m not sure I have the budget for a full rebuild right now, so I may just slap on some 1.7 roller rockers to give me a little more flow.

  1. Have you thought about stepping it up to even a 5.0 High Output cam? I know you’d have to use better valve Springs but it’d at least pep it up and it wouldn’t fall flat on its face so soon.

    1. My problem is that as soon as I break into the engine, it’s going to get everything. The rockers are only being considered because they can be done without breaking into the engine.

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