2017: Autocross domination begins

It was a busy week getting ready for a busy weekend, but a (nearly) flawless showing from the M3 made it worthwhile.

Saturday was a Solo School, where several of our nationals-level drivers spent time instructing us on everything from course walks to back-siding cones to keeping our eyes in the right places. (more…)

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Video: Installing wheel studs in an E36 BMW M3

Do you swap between race wheels and street wheels often? Do you run different wheels and tires for winter and summer? Do you run wheel spacers? Do you want frustration-free wheel swaps? Ditch the stock wheel bolts that the E36 came with and install some wheel studs.

The whole project can be knocked out in an hour for around $100.

I started with a set of wheel studs: Amazon

And a set of long open-end lug nuts: Amazon



Someone decided to turn this:


Into this:


I’ll have to write more about this car sometime, but it’s too bad that it got trashed. It was a nice car.


Bike Build/Flip: Honda V65 Sabre Part 3

The day I found out that the V65 Sabre existed, it jumped straight to the top of the “bikes I have to own” bucket list. So I got one. For the first time, I bought a bike that ran, was in good shape, and was actually worth modifying, so I went all out with the suspension – RaceTech up front, CBR shock out back. Brakes rebuilt, tires replaced, and more, all in preparation for my yearly 3000 mile trip to North Carolina to tear up Deal’s Gap and the surrounding roads.