Bike Build/Flip: Honda V65 Sabre Part 3

The day I found out that the V65 Sabre existed, it jumped straight to the top of the “bikes I have to own” bucket list. So I got one. For the first time, I bought a bike that ran, was in good shape, and was actually worth modifying, so I went all out with the suspension – RaceTech up front, CBR shock out back. Brakes rebuilt, tires replaced, and more, all in preparation for my yearly 3000 mile trip to North Carolina to tear up Deal’s Gap and the surrounding roads.



Bike Build/Flip: 1985 Honda V65 Sabre Part 2

The wonder. The sound. The glory. The majesty. The feel. The sensation. All great reasons to use a bidet. Also great reasons to ride a V65 Sabre.


Check out Part 1 here.

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of owning a motorcycle is “making it yours”. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is most commonly expressed in one of two ways:

  1. Purchasing some combination of mass-produced accessories, then bolting them to the bike, thereby making oneself stand out from the crowd…of other motorcyclists that purchase the exact same mass-produced accessories in a slightly different combination.
  2. Totally devoid of a reasonable budget for mass-produced accessories or any actual mechanical ability, tools such as an angle grinder, Sawzall, and can of flat black spray paint (more recently superseded by the can of Plasti Dip) are used to reduce the motorcycle’s function until the motorcyclist has run out of grinding wheels, paint, or the motorcycle has ceased to work at all. These are called “Bobbers,” and their primary function is no longer efficient, fast, comfortable, enjoyable transportation, but instead to “turn heads”. Unfortunately, judging merit based on the “turns heads” metric would also favor traffic accidents or a bum peeing on a building.


AWD: A Hot Take

Today I’d like to address a topic that has been weighing very heavily on my heart. No, not the ongoing civil war in Libya and not even the projection that the polar ice caps will be completely melted like…four years ago…but something even heavier. Something that is sure to turn man against wife, brother against brother, Ernie against Bert.

All wheel drive is for suckers.

"It's rear wheel drive, homie."
“Center differential whaaaaaa?”

You don’t need it.



Bike Build/Flip: 1985 Honda V65 Sabre Part 1

Every era has its legends and for motorcycles it’s no different. The post-war years saw the rise of the American V-Twin cruiser powered by a number of x-head engines, (where x = shovel, pan, flat, or just about any other noun). The CB750 spawned an entire generation of Japanese bikes that were ubiquitous enough to give rise to the “Universal Japanese Motorcycle” moniker. The ’90s was the decade of the sportbike, arguably led by Honda’s CBR900RR, which put liter-bike power in a 600cc-size chassis. Post-2000 was the era of the 200+mph capable hyperbikes like the Hayabusa and ZX-14R. (more…)


Bad Idea or Worst Idea: RallyCrossing a Lowered M3

What’s RallyCross? Well, it’s like AutoCross – the sport where you spend six hours standing around in a parking lot in exchange for six minutes of seat time. But instead put it out in the middle of nowhere so it’s hard to get to, exchange the nice clean paved surface for grass, dirt, and mud. Add flies, blowing dust, wet socks, and allergies. Cut speeds in half and quadruple the abuse your car takes. Then add the near constant obnoxious BRAAAAP of a mostly uncorked Boxer engine and you’d be close. And you know what? It is SO. MUCH. FUN.